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Mukawa River journey from the river source to the river mouth ... the ultimate river rafting experience!
Action packed with mountain biking, rafting, and canoeing. This tours requires energy and stamina for the ultimate wild life experience tour!
Excitement felt from the simple flow of the water!

The real excitement is here ... Hokkaido's crystal clear river "Mukawa". The total tour length is 135 km, from the source of the river at Tomamu, to the mouth at Mukawa Town. Learn about the circulation of the water, feel a connection with the region, and feel the power of nature. A combination of mountain biking, rafting, and canoeing over 5 days, heading towards to ocean. Enjoy the natural hot springs, enjoy the local cuisine, enjoy the journey.

* Alterations to a tour may be made due to the number of participants or weather.
* All prices are listed in Japanese Yen.

Program content and fees are currently being prepared.

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From the Source to the Mouth

  • From the Source to the Mouth
  • From the Source to the Mouth
  • From the Source to the Mouth

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